Membership Promotion

Please fill out the form at this link:

Membership Promotion – Google Form

FREE Membership dues for 1 year

Hello all SAE Chicago Section members, 

We are in the home stretch of our campaign to increase our membership.
We need your help, and we will reward you for your efforts. 

If you can recruit one person to join SAE Chicago Section between Dec. 08, 2020, and January 31, 2021, we will put your name along with the name of the person you recruit for membership “into a hat” for a random drawing. 

As soon as you recruit that person and they join SAE, fill out the form above and give us your name and the name of the person you recruited. We will also need the contact info for both of you. Your email addresses are all we need. 

All winners need to be current or joining members of Chicago Section, not some other section. The person you recruit must also become and SAE Chicago Section member. 

Shortly after Jan. 31, we will draw 3 names at random. 

If we pick your name, both you and the person you recruit will have their SAE membership dues reimbursed for 1 year at the full regular member rate. That is a $120 value. It’s as simple as that. 

What a great way to introduce a friend or colleague to SAE, and get a little something for your efforts. 

To be practical and to prevent an accounting nightmare for SAE International and SAE Chicago, we are asking you and your recruit to pay your dues with your own money. Then, if we draw your name, we will follow up and reimburse both you and the person you recruited for your membership dues. 

Also, this program is strictly for your membership dues. It does not apply for extra things you can sign up for when you pay your dues, like extra magazines, or a donation to the SAE Foundation, etc. It is strictly for the basic membership dues. This is still a generous reward. 

Recruit someone today.
Have them submit their membership application at the SAE International Website at As soon as they join, and pay their membership dues, fill out the form with the info requested. When applying, please enter SECTIONMBR in the application Promo Code field.

And if you are reading this as a non-member considering joining without having been recruited by a current member, you too are eligible for the 1 year dues rebate if you join by January 31, and alert us via an email. 

Good luck.

Please fill out the form at this link:

Membership Promotion – Google Form